Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In-Service Days

Before I get too far into the school year, I just wanted to mention how much I enjoyed from the three in-service days I got to attend before school started. I'm sure once I'm an experienced teacher, I won't look forward to them quite as much, but as a student teacher, it was extremely beneficial. I got to meet all the staff, administration, and teachers before school started. This made me feel more comfortable and included in the school community.

Although we all just wanted to jump into our classrooms and start prepping for the first day of school, we were "forced" to participate in team-building activities with administration. Despite lots of groans and grumbles, everyone was a good sport. On the second day, we all joined in for relays and team "sports" and games. I volunteered for our team in the "spin around the bat" relay. The goal was to spin around the bat 10 times, grab a ball in a cup, and run down to the cone at the end of the field and back. I was only able to make it to grabbing the ball in a cup step before I promptly fell backwards on my ass. The sky spun above me. In a haze, I somehow stumbled down the field and back. The only thing that eased my embarrassment was the teacher after me, who fell three times before making it down the field. That made me feel much better.

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